Digital Photography



I was able to get involved in this project thanks to my photographer friend Ludovica Anzaldi. One day, during my exchange in Paris, she told me she was going to do a shooting and she asked me if I wanted to help her as a photographer assistant. I obviously said yes. It was an amazing experience, as everyone in the team was happy to collaborate and share the moments with each other.

The project is about the beauty beyond the convention that only young people can represent

This project is about the real BEAUTY.
About the FREEDOM to feel BEAUTIFUL,
appreciated and loved even as we grow older. 
“Ludovica Anzaldi”

Ludovica Anzaldi  photographer & art direction
Min Kim  stylist & art direction

Nadia Mob  videographer

Clément Tout Court  set designer
Hiroyo Iwaki  make up artist

Waka Adachi  hair stylist

Paula Coderch Blasco & Thomas Vilaca  assistants


Paula Coderch. All rights reserved